Learn the Art of Editing From Real Hollywood Pros
Editing Secrets is a new type of editing training. These are the actual tools & techniques used by pro Hollywood editors. For now — it's 100% FREE!
What's included in Editing Secrets?
Lifetime access to 14 professional video tutorials
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Lesson 1: The World of the Creative Editor
The roles & challenges of the creative editor plus powerful tips to quickly improve your skills
Lesson 3: Core Skills & Techniques to Master
Learn seven important techniques that will quickly give your edits a professional look and feel
Lesson 4: Deconstructing a Professional Cut
A detailed timeline analysis of multiple Hollywood scenes with a focus on transitions, storytelling & sound design
Lesson 5: The Six Stages of Creative Editing
A step-by-step guide through the six stages every professional editor follows from rough cut to polished work
Lesson 6: Cinematic Storytelling for Editors
How to tell a compelling story using the visual language of filmmaking
Lesson 7: Pacing & Timing Your Cuts
How to decide on the pacing & timing of cuts and a deconstruction of an edit paced three different ways
Lesson 8: Editing Picture & Sound Creatively
How to enhance dull moments using creative combos of sound design & visual effects any editor can make
Lesson 9: Trailer & Promo Editing 101 
How to cut a trailer with style using sound, dialogue and visual accents
Lesson 10: Trailer Music & Sound Design
Tips for choosing and rough-cutting your trailer music bed — all layered with careful use of trailer sound design
Lesson 11: Deconstructing the Trailer Timeline
Go behind-the scenes & watch a step-by-step deconstruction of a professional Hollywood trailer
Lesson 12: Music Editing 101 - The Editor as Composer
How to accent moments in a cut perfectly with your music...no composer needed
Lesson 13: Scoring Secrets for Editors
How to choose where music should go and where it should not. Easier said than done
Lesson 14: Creative Music Editing Techniques
Tips for re-cutting music to an exact time and creative custom cues with stems & creative effects
Plus...the stuff we use every day working for major clients like NBC Universal, Disney, ESPN, Amazon Prime and the BBC
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Each tool is designed to either save you time, improve your work or teach you a new technique.
400+ Cinematic Foley Effects
A pack of our favorite foley effects to help bring your scenes to life and create a rich & immersive feel.
50-Piece Sound Design Pack
Contains 50 high-quality pieces of sound design to give your cuts a dramatic and impactful style.
Our Personal Speed- Optimized Keyboard Shortcuts 
Use our hyper-optimized keyboard layouts to edit 2x faster with less hand and wrist strain. With a little practice, you'll edit so quickly you'll be waiting for your workstation to catch up!
* Works with Premiere, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve & Avid
Premade & Organized Project Templates
Use our project templates to quickly organize your footage, audio, sequences and everything in between. Tidy projects mean less stress and 100% focus on your creativity.
* Works with Premiere, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve & Avid
Our Favorite FX Presets
100's of our premade FX to help you edit FAST! All the most useful presets you'll need every day while working — zooms, timewarps, color effects, stylized looks and more!
* Works with Premiere, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve & Avid
Editor Cheat Sheets
Our collection of printable cheat sheets with rules for audio levels, project transfers, color correction guidelines & more.
8 Hollywood-Style LUTs
8 custom LUTs to give your footage that Hollywood look and make your color grading faster, easier and more professional.
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Real Hollywood Instructors
Get a unique opportunity to look over the shoulder of a professional editor at work
Chris has worked as an editor in Los Angeles for 15+ years. He's edited for almost all of the major Hollywood studios including Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Sony, Disney, Paramount and Fox.
We’ve worked with countless professional editors and compiled their best strategies, techniques, workflows and shortcuts. These are real pros — not fake experts on YouTube.
What Are Students Saying?
"Here’s my very first official finish! It’s a :30 spot for Disney’s “Cruella”. Thank you so much for making this outstanding training course!"
-Antonello Parlato
“There are a million crappy YouTube videos on how to use software but this is easily the best source of info I’ve run into on how to get better at editing.”
-Tim Champion
"I now work on featurettes for film. Living my dream! Thank you again for your kind support, amazing work and all your help!"
-Levy Bergman
Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to common questions about Editing Secrets
Can I use the foley and sound design on my own projects?
Yes! All the sound effects included in Editing Secrets are 100% license-free for use on any project.
How do I get access to the tools and lessons?
As soon as you purchase, you'll immediately be given an account with us. You can log in right away to start downloading your files and watching the lessons.
What editing software can I use?
The hotkeys, project templates and FX presets are built to work with Premiere Pro, Avid, FCPX and DaVinci Resolve. The SFX, cheat sheets, LUTs and lessons will work with ANY editing software.
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