Secrets of Creative Editing
A Step-by-Step Editing Course from Pro Hollywood Editors
What's Inside the Course?
36 Editing Tutorials in 1080p HD Video
Over 2 hours of lessons teaching you core editing skills 
In-Depth Editing Deconstructions
Follow along as we edit different scenes step-by-step 
Downloadable Practice Footage & Audio
Put your your new skills to the test in a hands-on editing workshop
Taught by professional Hollywood editors
Works with any editing software
What's a lesson look like?
Some other topics in the course include...
Four important jobs that every creative editor will need to fill
How to build conversational structure in a scene
A step-by-step method for setting up the perfect timeline
Layering sound design, foley and music to create an invisible narrative
How to use off-screen sound to tell rich and compelling stories
5 essential dialogue editing skills every editor should know
Tips for editing and shaping actor performances
And a lot more!
What Are Students Saying?
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First, let me say thank you for putting together this course. It was truly an eye-opener for me. I can already see how this is going to improve my editing skill set to be able to deliver a higher-quality product to my clients and audience. 

- Rodney Smith, FEP Student

I've learnt a lot from this, well worth the time and money investment - thanks! My timelines are now organised, I can easily see where scenes start and end, you've also given me lots of ideas of what I can do with sound to improve scenes I am creating.

- Phil Crick, FEP Student
I am so happy I discovered your courses because I have gained some invaluable skills and knowledge about film editing and am now fully focused on polishing my skills further.
- Tolani Brendan Mosweu, FEP Student
I really appreciate the time that you guys spend putting these courses together, how open you are to receiving feedback from your customers, and the attention to detail that you guys use when crafting these courses.
- Brian Barber, FEP Student
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