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Film Editing Pro Reviews

Hear what FEP students have to say…


“There are a million crappy YouTube videos on how to use software but this is easily the best source of info I’ve run into on how to get better at editing.”

– Tim Champion

“Film Editing Pro has taught me how to understand and execute action, trailer, music & dialogue scene editing in a way that’s far superior to anything or any place else I’ve ever seen. Adding to my past training from film school, Film Editing Pro is the perfect continuing education!”

– Bruce B. Gordon

“I learned so much from them. Everything is clearly explained and really focused on useful tips and professional tutorials. I did the action editing course, (actually still doing it) and it felt like getting help from the best teachers out there. Thanks for sharing all the knowledge!”

– Alvaro Rabadan Peñalver

Film Editing Pro is an invaluable tool for both beginners and advanced editors. It is a refreshing change from the vague theory taught in editing classes and actually gets your hands dirty and walks you through the process. Definitely would recommend it to anyone looking to further their career in editing or if they just want to make their fight scenes look a little cooler!!

– Tucker Penner

I did three trainings. The Art of Action Editing, The Art of Trailer Editing and The Secret of Creative Editing.I learnt a lot, it really changed the way I work. One of the best training courses for sure.

-Jeremy Pit Monteur


“You were actually seeing real-life examples and how they’ve been used in trailers. That was really helpful for my personal understanding.”

– Jordan G.
“There are so many different editorial jobs that involve these skills. Even if you’re not looking for the world of trailers I think this is a really good course to have.”

– Bernie T.

“Great training, excellent feedback, wonderful material to work with. I specialize in short films, promos and trailers so I use this stuff all the time and review with it regularly. Some of the best if not THE best current training available — you won’t be disappointed.”

– Scott Spiker

“For a long time I have a desire to improve my editing skills to create films which people would enjoy to watch till the end and recommend those to their friends. As many of you, I started with searching tutorials in YouTube, well some of those are really good but it’s basically all about software tools, techniques and tricks and none of those are systematic lessons for editing like a pro.

I purchased the course The Art of Trailer Editing and from the first video lessons it was clear to me that my way to become an advanced or professional editor is with Film Editing Pro.

Going to get the The Art of Action Editing and the Secrets of Creative Editing courses too!”

– Mkhitar Mkhitaryan

This has got to be the best course out there, hands down! I signed up for the Trailer Editing course and because of what I learned, I landed a Trailer Editor job in LA which I love! It was such a relief on my first day to see all the projects at work broken down EXACTLY like how it’s taught in this course. Such a confidence boost on my first day, I was able to jump right in! Not only has this course helped with trailer editing but it also helped me organize and breakdown my mounds of vacation footage and allowed me to cut that into something fun and digestable. The courses are well laid out, organized and extremely insightful. The editors behind it are incredibly responsive and care about their students. I have emailed with Ryan a couple times and he really seems to be proud of his work and the progress of his students. This is the best course you could ask for. Investment well spent.

– Brandon Goetz

I really loved the course about trailer editing. So much stuff to learn and the best part was to make a trailer with quality material filmed by pros (a short film). Really like messing with SFX and to time video with music beats.

– Jonathan Bougie-Lauzon


“With FEP I found a program that teaches the ‘black art’ of professional editing…I’ve never learned so much!”

– Sylvester Carolan
I found their courses to have a more mindful style of editing, so you ask yourself questions like who the scene is about and what the scene is about instead of just piecing together audio and video on a timeline.

– Ravikant Rai

This courses are great and very well done. Also hands on. I bought 2 of this courses and I don’t regret it for a minute. This courses are the real deal. I totally recommend this! Also it comes with a full downloadable sound library. Must have!!!

– Luciano Alexander

“I’m enrolled in Film Editing Pro’s ‘The Art of Trailer Editing’ and ‘Secrets of Creative Editing,’ and I’ve got to say that these courses have changed my editing skills dramatically! I’ve tried looking for good editing education online, but sporadic tips and techniques just didn’t help me to grow at the speed that I needed personally.

Chris and the team at Film Editing Pro put together editing courses that were easy for me to understand, cost-effective (cheaper than a film school), organized, and professional. The bonuses and support were additional values! I felt like FEP actually wanted me to grow in my craft.

I have and will continue to recommend Film Editing Pro to any serious film/video editor out there. (I was not paid for this message.)”

– Marcus T Guillory

“Film Editing Pro are bar none the best tutors you can find for programs that teach you the principles of film editing in its totality. This is what film editing is really about. It helped me get past the technicalities that are software-specific anyway, to then focus on what actually matters. It addresses questions you might have, like:

1) Who/what should have more visual screen time?
2) How can I cut without making it seem jarring?
3) How do I organize a timeline as it starts getting more complex?

Not only that, their courses teach you things you most likely just never would have known otherwise, like

1) How to use sound as a dramatic trigger to carry the drama forward in a scene.
2) How to focus viewers’ attention to specific set of sounds that are pertinent to the story and how to cut out unnecessary audible distractions to a scene.
3) How to use sound to craft a narrative that isn’t even visually shown in a film. Now you’re using sound to add elements and aspects to a story that did not otherwise exist.

And I could keep going on and on, but yes, the Film Editing Pro team has impressed me. I knew I was enrolling the moment I’d seen the three part video series they’d sent to my email after I subscribed for the first time back in 2017 and thank goodness I did. Professional, precise, and outstanding.”

– Ravikant Rai

“Film Editing Pro is just that, training for professional. I have been a student of the FEP course library for about three years. I purchase and practice each and every course they put out.

I will compliment the reviews below with the RESULTS I have experienced. Background: I have been making (very) indie films for 10 years. I started at the age of 50. Completely self taught.

– I have been accepted to 2 Short Film Festivals (so far.) To me, this shows that I have raised the level of my craft sufficiently enough to be able to have FFs show my work.

– I have had two trailers accepted into FFs (so far.) When I show someone one of my trailers and they say: “Where can I see this movie?” I consider it a success.

– My work was noticed by a major international law firm who have HIRED me to make films for them. (No solicitation.)

– One of my trailers was noticed by a local producer. He has HIRED me to go to GREECE and film his pilot. (No solicitation.)

I can confidently say that without FEP, I would not be enjoying filmmaking as much as I am now. And I’m just starting.

A huge thanks to Chris and the entire team at FEP.

Keep those courses coming………..”

– James McElligott from JamesDocs


“I’ve purchased some software-specific courses and it’s all been beneficial, but in my opinion the Film Editing Pro courses really address the nuts and bolts of the creative decision-making processes in a way that I haven’t been able to learn on my own.”

– Dirk Brandts
“The Art of Music Editing gave me the tools to be able to pick a track and transform it into what I really need it to be.”

– Joao Penaguiao

I love Film Editing Pro! It gives you a system of knowledge of editing skills. Every course is very pack with skills and tips. And it’s worth with its price!

– QiQi Wu

“I have to to say in all my years of editing documentaries this has to be one of the most valuable additions to my repertoire. 

Sure, it’s nice having a pro do the music editing, but this added knowledge makes quicker turnarounds shine. 
Thanks for doing this course.”

– Sheldon Beldick

“I took three courses from FEP for the past two months – Action, Trailer and Music editing. I learned a lot of things and feel like all that is left to do is put the techniques to practice and master it, which I am doing on a daily basis.

FEP has given me creative freedom and helped me concentrate on my work without being blindfolded about how and why something work.

I couldn’t afford a ticket to Hollywood. Instead I bought the courses.”

– Koveanthan Pon

“This is to let you know that I completed the Art of Music Editing Standard course. My thoughts on the course: This was a very difficult course, but well worth it. I may have to go over the course again to learn the techniques better and keep applying them to my edits…Overall, great teaching videos with great demonstrations. I’ve said this before about the Art of Trailer Editing course and I’ll say it for the Art of Music Editing: The information you teach is so powerful and valuable. Thank you Film Editing Pro!

– Kevin Okuhara


“Above and Beyond.

Many things can take a very long time to figure out if not explained to you by a competent instructor. This applies to the art and science of film editing. Without expert instruction, it can be easy to develop bad habits and quickly plateau. There are different learning styles to consider. To each his own. However, if you are like me, new to film editing and you value your time, I would recommend checking out the Premiere Pro Quickstart course offered by Film Editing Pro.

One thing that I appreciated from taking this course is how the instructor, Brian Levin, established certain principles to follow right away that can or, should I say, need to be implemented every time you start a film editing project. I learned that although every film editing project may be different, it can also be the same in many respects. This may be an obvious theoretical concept for some, but it may not always be so obvious in practical terms. This is what makes this course so valuable. The instructor will show you how and what actions need to be done right away to establish a good work flow.

Practice alone can sometimes develop skill. It is normally, however, better if it can be deliberately practiced. This is what you will get from a good course. This is what you will get from the Film Editing Pro course. The course has been structured to efficiently guide you through setup, to identifying basic techniques, to covering essential advance topics, and finally exporting. If your time is valuable, you will especially appreciate the efficiency in which the topics are covered. The information provided has been carefully put together to not overwhelm the student with too much detail.

The last thing that I want to spotlight is the timely response I received from the lead trainer, Chris. When I sent him an email with a question, his response was not only prompt, but thoroughly covered the issue. It is known that being able to receive timely feedback is a cornerstone to a student’s ability to develop and become an expert themselves. As you can probably tell, I am excited about having found this training resource. It is not always easy finding good instruction. I am looking forward to building up my film editing skills with the techniques learned throughout this course. As the proverb goes, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” Now, if you can excuse me, it’s time to get some film editing done!

– Erick Richards

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