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Creative Editing Training, Software Courses, E-Books and more…


Premiere Pro Quickstart Course

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner  |  SOFTWARE: Premiere Pro

Learn to edit in Premiere Pro fast! We’ve provided 40+ tutorials, 23 downloadable assets and step-by-step instruction along with a hands-on project to get you comfortable with the software.

DaVinci Resolve Quickstart Course

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner  |  SOFTWARE: DaVinci Resolve

In this course you’ll gain all the skills you’ll need in order to start editing in DaVinci Resolve. You’ll learn editing fundamentals and more along the way with a hands-on practice project.


Secrets of Creative Editing Course


Our most well-rounded course, you’ll learn the core editing skills related to video, sound and workflow. It also features a range of in-depth editing deconstructions teaching you the most effective use of picture and audio.

The Art of Drama Editing Course

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate  |  SOFTWARE: Any

The Art of Drama Editing will guide you through the stages of cutting together a feature-length dramatic film. There will be heavy emphasis on storytelling, pacing and shaping actor performances.

The Art of Action Editing Course

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate  |  SOFTWARE: Any

The Art of Action Editing is a step-by-step training course that explores the world of action. With 37 video tutorials, downloadable footage, music & sound plus guided editing assignments, it’s a complete training package.

The Art of Trailer Editing Course

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate  |  SOFTWARE: Any

In this course, you’ll follow along with an expert trailer editor as you learn how to cut amazing trailers, teasers and promos for all genres. It contains downloadable footage, sound design and an extensive music library. 

The Art of Music Editing Course

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced  |  SOFTWARE: Any

Learn to harness the incredible power of perfectly-edited music during hands-on projects while using a 500+ piece, premium music library. A comprehensive and versatile course for editors of all types.


Edit Like a Pro - Ebook


In this 27-page illustrated ebook, you’ll find 50 powerful film editing tips written by professional Hollywood editors. Discover real world techniques, shortcuts and workflows the pros use everyday.

The Trailer Editing Checklist


This 31-step trailer editing checklist and follow the exact process used by professional Hollywood trailer editors. You’ll learn the 8 stages of trailer music & sound design, the steps to structuring out your trailer and more.

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