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Here’s what our students are saying…


I just finished the action editing course. I’ve been a professional editor for the past seven years and it’s amazing that I still wasn’t using subclips. Although my workflow is very similar, the tips and advice you share are invaluable. A couple of my favorites tips were the organizational stuff, sound design tips. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

I’d just like to thank you and your colleagues for putting this course together. I’ve reached tutorial video 13, downloaded and organized all the materials to match your guidance in the tutorials, and am looking forward to getting into the actual editing exercises! Thanks again!

I’m currently at film school at the moment and I can honestly say I am learning tons more from your action editing course than I have during my first couple of months at film school a big thanks for putting this course together.

It’s pretty cool that you check up with your customers. I’ve said this before but you guys have the best customer service I’ve ever encountered.

I want to say Thank You.
I’ve been looking for something like this for years.
All my searches thru the years led me to books about Walter Murch or which buttons to push but never anything about the creative aspect of editing.
this is awesome.

What you guys are doing is awesome! Thanks for checking in. I’m really glad I was able to enroll, my main profession is freelance motion design and it keeps me busy for most of the week, so glad something like Film Editing Pro exists so that I have the flexibility to do the work when I have the time. I was hoping to get started with the course over the weekend.

I am grateful for what you had done! (Amazing!)

Your training program is the most well put together package I’ve seen. Looking forward to learning more.

Thanks again!

I just completed the entire course so I thought I would drop a few lines as a feedback.

In one word : wow ! It was amazing, i thought I was a good editor, but the stuff I learned,

so many tricks, it so dramatically increase my skills. Thanks again in taking all the time

in building that course.I work in Avid, so I even learned a few tricks on the app.

Hi – I just finished the course. It was extremely useful. I shot my first film a while ago and have always procrastinated with the whole editing thing as I felt unsure of how to go about this. Watching you edit a whole scene from scratch explaining every step as you go was an invaluable learning experience and has given me the confidence to jump in knowing that I should be able to get a decent result at the end.

Many thanks. If you release another course please let me know. (It is going to save me a fortune in skipping film school!!)

I subscribed to the Art of Action Editing on the last february and I have to say your training is very useful to me.

Even if I already knew most of your tips and tricks I learned a lot because see you using that same tips and tricks made me aware I was doing the right thing. I was not fiddling alone in my corner. It reassured me on my working methods and it gives me more confidence in myself.

Also I learned a lot about the methodology of how work with materials from the rough cut to the fine cut. You clarified to me a lot of grey areas.

As I said I knew most of your tips and tricks but most doesn’t mean all. The others tips and tricks (and there are a lot), I use them every day now and I’m really more efficient than before.

You also reminded me some tips and tricks I have forgotten. But now I won’t forget them anymore because of you.

I would like to say two words about the Sound Collection you give with the training : ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

I recommend strongly your training to all my friends editors and I want to say you and your team a great thanks for your really useful work. I’m waiting the next training with impatience.


Love it, well put together.

The first video has gotten me excited for the rest to come! I look forward to watching and picking up a few tips and tricks to add to my editing technique! Thanks

Good stuff, certainly more specific than everything else out there. Im a wanna be pro film maker starting on shorts. looking forward to the future editions and hope the end of them is nowhere in sight. Thanks.

Awesome! Thank you!

Thanks heaps guys,these videos are an asset to those learning the craft of filmmaking….I’ve completed one short film and close to finishing a second. I feel these videos encompass information that help us to muster up a tighter edit and to be more efficient in the process.

Thanks so much for this great information Film Editing Pro!

Very impressed with this. I’m a filmmaker who went to a performing arts high school for film, and now am majoring in film in college. Things such as this are very helpful to those in this field. The apple pie analogy basically summed up everything I had tried to do in high school. I learned a lot though my own failures but these informational pieces always make me feel good because I know that there are those who want to help passionate filmmakers learn the craft in a more professional manner. Can’t wait for more!

Hi! Loved the pacing and content of this first video. I’m an independent content creator/hobbyist, I used to just shoot and then let others edit, but after some disapointments with their final results, I decided I need to learn how to properly edit things. I’m a Linux user and use Lightworks, Blender and Natron mostly, but for some quicker edits I use Kdenlive.

Really good and clear videos. Looking forward to the rest of them. I work as a videographer making short form videos. I sometimes find flow a problem and get a bit stuck with narrative from time to time. A lot of my work has the classic ‘problem’ – ‘conflict’ – ‘resolution’ structure and making those sections flow together can sometimes prove problematic. I have started to use sound a lot more (I come from a music production background) and I am pleased to see this being highlighted as I think good audio is more important than picture in a lot of cases. Looking forward to video 2.

Excellent and valuable. Thank you. I have been in film and TV production for decades, love editing (which has been just one of myriad things I do) but have had too few opportunities to hone professional skills as an editor. Your information is inspirational and helps me focus.
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