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10 Perfect Gifts for Video Editors (Or Yourself!)

Got a friend who makes or edits videos? Need to get them a gift? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself?

Here are 10 gift ideas at all different price points.

These are all real products that our team uses. We’ll provide links to each idea if you want to check them out yourself, but we don’t receive any compensation for this as we wanted to keep our recommendations completely unbiased.

#1 – Mouse Pad

We’re starting off cheap. A mouse pad is a great upgrade for any desk: more precision, less friction. And most importantly, it’s going to save your wrists. Check out the Razer cloth gaming mouse pad. If it’s good enough to game on, it’s good enough to edit with.

A Razer Mouse Pad on a desk, with a text overlay pricing it at $15

 View Razer Gigantus Medium Mouse Mat: US | UK | EU

#2 – Mouse

Some people swear by graphic tablets or track pads, but the mouse still reigns supreme. Our favorite mouse is the Logitech MX Master 3. It’s got incredible ergonomics, programmable buttons, and can be paired with multiple computers. One great feature though is its dual scroll wheel. The vertical wheel is weighted and can be spun freely, which is very addictive.

A Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse on a desk, with a text overlay pricing it at $80

View Logitech MX Master 3: US | UK | EU

#3 – Memory Card Reader Grab Bag

Editors need to deal with a variety of different memory cards. So what you need is a memory card reader grab bag. You’ll need to put this one together yourself – deck it out with readers, adapters, and hubs. Now you’re prepared for anything.

A cloth pencil case and some memory card readers laid on a table, with a text overlay pricing them at $50

#4 – Editing Books

Maybe you already have the perfect setup, so how about something for the soul or mind? Here’s a list of fantastic books on editing and storytelling.

Dubbed as the god of story by Vice Magazine, Robert McKee’s book, aptly titled “Story” is all about screenwriting, but the principles within are just as relevant for editors.

“Grammar of the Edit” by Christopher J. Bowen is a staple for anyone learning to edit, but there are lessons to be learned even for experienced editors.

“The Eye is Quicker” by Richard D. Pepperman is also an excellent resource for editors, packed with custom illustrations to help make complex principles and techniques easily understandable.

The books 'Story', 'The Grammar of the Edit', and 'The Eye is Quicker'

Story: US | UK

Grammar of the Edit: US | UK | EU

The Eye is Quicker: US | UK | EU

#5 – Headphones

It’s a mistake to think of editing as solely a visual art – audio is just as, if not more important. For that reason, you’re going to need a high quality pair of headphones.

We love the Yamaha HPH-MT8s. They look great, they’re comfortable, and affordable compared to other headphones. But most importantly, they are studio grade monitor headphones, making them a reliable reference for mixing your audio.

A Pair of Yamaha Studio Headphones on a table, with a text overlay pricing them at $200

Yamaha HPH-MT8 Monitor Headphones: US | UK&EU |

#6 – Custom Editor’s Keyboard

One of the easiest ways to learn the hotkeys of your favorite editing program is with a custom keyboard. Editors Keys makes custom keyboards for about 24 different programs.

Want it back-lit? Not a problem. Want an official Apple keyboard? They’ve got those too. You can even get silicone overlays to utilize your existing keyboard.

Two customised computer keyboards on a table, with a text overlay pricing them at $150 each

#7 – Content Subscription

Great editors draw inspiration from other great editors. Even if they already have a subscription, they’ll appreciate you paying for a year of it. Consider treating your editor friend to a year of Netflix, Amazon, Disney plus, or whatever streaming service they don’t have.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more special and unusual to get them, try MUBI. A new movie is added every day, the collection is highly curated and it’s going to expose you to great cinema that you might not have heard of.

A collage of Disney Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime Gift Card purchasing pages

#8 – Studio Monitors

Now, for the best and closest of friends you’ll want to get something very special – studio monitors to complete their editing setup. The Yamaha HS5 is an industry standard monitor speaker. The neutral balanced sound is perfect for mixing.

An desk with a monitor, keyboard, camera lenses, and studio speakers on it, and a text overlay pricing the speakers at $400

Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitors: US | UK&EU |

#9 – Audio Interface

To run your studio monitors you’ll need an audio interface. There’s lots of inexpensive two channel audio interfaces, but the MOTU M range distinguishes itself with its LCD VU meter.

A Motu M4 Audio interface on a computer desk

MOTU M4 Audio Interface: US | UK&EU

#10 – Control Surfaces

Control surfaces can improve your editing speed by giving you physical controls to work with your NLE.

The Loupedeck CT can control a variety of programs, in particular it excels at controlling Adobe software like Premiere Pro. It’s combination of touchscreens, physical buttons and dials can all be customized to suit your workflow; plus, it looks pretty cool too.

A Loupedeck CT being operated on a desk, with a text overlay pricing it at $550

Loupdeck CT Control Panel: US | UK&EU

One More Recommendation…

We couldn’t make a list of gifts for editors without recommending one of our own editing courses! Head over to our Free Training page to get started with some sample lessons on any topic that you like from general creative editing, to working with music, cutting action scenes, trailers, promos, and a bunch more.





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