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Modern Film Editing Tips From The Pros

The amount of video being produced and made available online and through other channels is increasing exponentially – and a lot of it is terrible.

For those of us who take pride in putting out quality content and film, it is becoming increasingly crucial to separate yourself from the mountains of slop out there and cut through all the noise to be noticed.

Three ways to easily make your work stand out from the crowd are with:

  1. Quality cinematography
  2. Engaging storytelling
  3. Skillful editing

Well-known film editor Walter Murch has some poignant thoughts on the topic.

Easier access [to filmmaking & editing tools] does not automatically make for better results. The accompanying sense that “anyone can do it” can easily produce a broth spoiled by too may cooks. All of us today are able to walk into an art store and buy inexpensive pigments and supplies that the Renaissance painters would have paid fortunes for. And yet, do any of us paint on their level today?

Check out this short video from Mr. Murch. It’s only about 7 minutes long and contains some really useful nuggets of wisdom that can help us all improve the quality of our work.


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