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Troubleshooting Your Editing With Sensory Isolation

Here’s a quick but useful troubleshooting technique you can use with your next cut.

If you’re having trouble with a cut and can’t pinpoint the source of the problem, consider isolating your senses.

First, start by closing your eyes and play only the audio.

Just listen.

Troubleshooting Step 1: Isolate the audio

How’s the dialogue? Is the music working? Does the pace feel too quick or too slow?

Without the picture to distract you, you’ll be able to isolate problems in the audio and identify if that’s the source of the issue.

Next, mute the audio and just watch the picture.

Troubleshooting Step 2: Isolate the picture

Do the shots flow well, one into the next? Is there a strong visual story being told? How are the actor’s performances? Anything strange that stands out to you visually?

Without the audio, the footage will lie there naked with nowhere for awkward edits and continuity issues to hide.

Do you have any techniques you use to troubleshoot a cut? Any weird habits or interesting stories?

Please share them in the comments below!

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