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How to Install LUTs – Premiere, Resolve, Avid & Final Cut

If you’re new to using LUTs you’ll first need to know how to install them into your chosen NLE. We’ve provided some quick and easy instructions for each of the four major programs so you can get started applying stylish looks to your footage!

*Note: It’s best practice apply a color and level calibration pass before applying the LUT

How to Install LUTs – Adobe Premiere Pro

*Note: Premiere has specific locations where they require you to store the LUT files so you’ll want to navigate to the correct locations and create new folders.

PC users – Program Files/Adobe/Common 

Mac users – Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common 

  1. In Premiere select the clip(s) where you want to apply the LUT.
  2. Go to your Effects browser and use the search function to pull up Lumetri Color. Click and drag it onto your clip.
  3. In the Lumetri Color panel, under Creative, you’ll see Look with a drop down menu – click on it and you should now see all your LUT(s) listed. Select the preferred look and it will be applied to your clip(s)!

How to Install LUTs – DaVinci Resolve

  1. With the program open, navigate to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the gear/cog icon and choose Project Settings.
  2. In the left hand menu of the new window, click on Color Management.
  3. In the section labeled Lookup Tables, click on the Open LUT Folder button.
  4. It will open your Explorer/Finder window. Copy your new LUTs into this folder. Feel free to use a subfolder labeled as you like to organize them further.
  5. Back in Resolve, go to the LUT section on the Color page, right-click in the background area and click Refresh. Your new LUT(s) will appear.

How to Install LUTs – Avid Media Composer

  1. Select File, go to Settings. Click on the User tab in the menu and then choose Color Management.
  2. Select Project and choose either Shared or Both depending on if you want the LUT(s) available for all your projects or just the current one.
  3. At the bottom of the menu you’ll see the option to Select LUT file – click that, find your LUT file(s), select them and hit Open to install.
  4. You will now find your LUT(s) in the Source settings panel.

*Note: If you want your LUT(s) for use in ALL projects (new and existing) you will need to create a new folder in the following locations and copy your LUT files there. 

PC users – Program Data/Avid/ColorManagement/

Mac users – Library/Application Support/Avid/ColorManagement/

How to Install LUTs – Final Cut Pro

  1. Select the clip where you want to apply the new LUT.
  2. Go to the Effects Browser and select Color from the menu on the left hand side. You’ll see Custom LUT in the list of options in the main panel. Double click on it or drag it onto your clip.
  3. Go to the Video Inspector, click on Custom LUT. Use the drop down menu in the first line of options to select Choose Custom LUT. Find your file(s), select them and hit Open.
  4. The LUT is now installed and you should see the new look on your clips. If you imported multiple LUTs you’ll use that same Custom LUT drop down menu in the Video Inspector to navigate to the others.




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