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Choose The Winner: The FEP Trailer Editing Contest Finalists – June 2017

Over the last month, 50+ recent graduates from our latest course, The Art of Trailer Editing, have been competing to see who could cut the best trailer using the footage, music and sound design provided with the training course.

Thank you to everyone who entered! There were MANY great cuts submitted to the competition. Choosing 3 to become the finalists was a very difficult process that required plenty of debate among our team members.

The judging criteria were:

  1. Clear & engaging storytelling
  2. Effective use of sound design
  3. Compelling music selection & editing
  4. Level of editorial polish
  5. Overall emotional impact

So…without further ado, congratulations to our three finalists:

  • Weibo Feng
  • Jason Daly
  • Linh Nguyen

Now, it’s time for YOU to choose the Grand Prize winner!

Watch each trailer below and pick your favorite using the survey at the bottom.

NOTE: Vote for the winner based on whatever criteria you like. This is meant to be the true test of a trailer. When put in front of a sea of eyeballs…which one is most appealing? Which one rises to the top?

Vote For The Winner

Finalist A

Finalist B

Finalist C

Choose your favorite trailer

  • Trailer C (47%, 1,218 Votes)
  • Trailer B (32%, 821 Votes)
  • Trailer A (21%, 558 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,369

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Voting will close on Friday July 7th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. The winner will be notified by email and announced here on the blog on Monday, July 10th.

The winner is going to have his/her choice of 3 prize packages.

Prize Package #A: (2) Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 24.0-Inch Screen LED Monitors (prize value $489.98)

Prize Package #B: (2) Mackie MR mk3 Series MR8mk3 8-Inch 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors (prize value $399.98)

Prize Package #C: (2) G-Technology G-DRIVE USB 3.0 6TB External Hard Drives (prize value $399.90)

Good luck to all 3 finalists!

If you’re interested in learning more about The Art of Trailer Editing and would like to be eligible to compete in our next contest, sign up below. We’ll send you 3 sample videos with details on how to enroll in the course.

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  1. They all were pretty solid but A and C stood out in terms of the pacing and feel of the story. The sound design in B wasn’t as dynamic. The titles chaptered were a bit weak in all of them but overall good efforts

  2. C for me imo, they all seem to be on par with each other and great. But they all could do with improvement, and some break what you see in existing trailers conventions.

    Fades on footage on A, wierd digital effects on the footage on B. B and C with red slasher background with big black text, sometimes using conclusive shots when they should have kept us guessing. So, don’t show the boy touching it, show him about to touch it, don’t show the father point the gun down as it looks like he’s downed the alien, etc. Anyway good job, im sure the trailer dudes will give you amazing feedback.

  3. Im delighted to find C at the top of the vote today. This guy won my vote purely on music choice. Next was sound design – well balanced, and with clear dialog. Finally, scene selection. I got the story without any giveaways, and felt the trailer did a great job of making me want to go see the film.

    Congratulations C! And well earned. Stay on top. 🙂

    1. I saw that. But the winner has to win on many merits. All three entries have their individual merits.

      I loved the piano keys in A.

      The emotional impact of B.

      But C came through on sound quality. B didn’t quite make it on sound levels. Music a bit too loud; I had to strain to catch the dialog.

      All three stories were good, which really tells me why my entry didn’t quite make the top three. None-the-less, I am happy with my work, and a little wiser for the effort.

      Maybe next time?

  4. A’ like the music. Especially, the piano keys-soft and emotional, but I feel the sound effects that he used are more for scary movies. That’s the feeling I get.
    Also, I like that he starts the trailer with a grabbing attention. LOVE IT.

    B” One of the idea of this course was basically a step to learn to stop the music in a way that is flowles. at 33seconds when he stops the music I feel there is something missing, not the right sound effect I guess. And I’m sorry but I think the graphics are really cheap, especially at 1:03 the graphics are not connected with the sound effect when it lands. Also, when I hear the breathing of the kid at 1:32 and I don’t see him breathing that way is disturbing. I just like how the story is told.

    C” I like the music and if I were to do it from the begging I would probably use very similar music. Also, like the tik tak sound effect, it keeps me watching.

    But, hey congrats to all 3 of you!! 1st, 2nd or 3rd YOU STILL ARE THE WINNERS!!!

    P.s this is my edit, which I will probably re-edit. Feel free to criticize my work and give me ideas. I feel like we all here to help each other. And I would love to see other people work.

    My Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENsyJixPMgE

    1. I loved what you did with the graphics cards at the end. I didn’t even think to change them.

      Great idea to post yours up here. How did you do it?

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