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Film Editing Pro

The Mission of Film Editing Pro

Hello and welcome! My name is Chris. I’m a professional video editor working in Los Angeles, California and the lead trainer here at Film Editing Pro.

When I started my video editing career in 2005, I knew nothing. 

I didn’t know how to use the editing software and I certainly didn’t know anything about what made a great cut. Looking to improve my skills as quickly as possible, I searched for good learning resources. Unfortunately, I was pretty underwhelmed with what I found.

Books were too much theory. They talked in broad strokes that were nearly impossible to apply in any sort of actionable way. Schools were too expensive and mostly focused on learning the software, which I could do on my own with the manual and some online tutorials. Other editors shared some good tips, but nobody really seemed to be able to articulate their editing process, or at least they didn’t have the time to do it.

The conversations usually went something like:

ME: “So, what’s your typical process like when you start a cut?” or “How did you make that action sequence so cool? Mine doesn’t look like that.”

THEM: “I don’t really know. I just kind of do it.”

Hmm. Looks like I was in for a LOT of trial and error.

Teaching Video Editing

Enter Film Editing Pro

The goal of Film Editing Pro is to teach editors, students and filmmakers professional editing techniques.

We aim to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to gain mastery over film and video editing. That means you’ll learn to edit video like a professional in months — not years.

Editing is best taught through experience. I think everyone can agree on that. Usually, this experience comes from many different projects during an editor’s career — until they finally reach the point where they have made enough mistakes to know what they’re doing. Learning through mistakes is certainly a viable way to do it but it takes a lot of time and often comes with consequences.

What if you could make all your mistakes rapid fire, learn from them and move on? Or better yet, what if someone who’s already made all the mistakes could give you a roadmap to guide you through the situations that typically give editors trouble?

We are creating that roadmap.

At Film Editing Pro, we are going to deconstruct the craft of editing and expose you to real-world examples of challenges faced by editors. By teaching you techniques and theory while editing actual footage, you will learn how to really edit — not just memorize the the rules.

Film Editing Pro Training

Our HD video lessons will teach you step-by-step editing techniques that will save you thousands of hours of trial and error. The hands-on training in these courses will make you a vastly better editor and give your cuts a polished, professional look and feel.

For example, you’ll learn very specific techniques like:

“If your scene is filmed from only one angle due to set limitations, you won’t be able to alternate cutting angles to show follow-through on punches and kicks like in a normal fight scene.

An editorial work-around is to vary your shots according to camera distance to subject, using your insert shots, wides and mediums in an alternating fashion to keep the intensity and pace high.”

Learn Professional Video Editing

This is how editing is meant to be taught.

  • Specific examples.
  • Video demonstrations.
  • Professional teachers.

Wrap Up

We have a lot of work ahead of us to provide the quality and quantity of training that you deserve. Over the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see lessons begin to appear on the website as we work tirelessly to create them.

Additionally, expect to see interviews with industry-leading film editors, musicians and sound designers who are willing to share their secrets and experiences with the Film Editing Pro community.

You can take a look at some of the video training Film Editing Pro is currently creating and sign up to be notified when it becomes available.

Please leave your comments below.

Tell us what you’d like to learn. We want to know which techniques you find most interesting and which give you the most trouble.

That way we can be sure our courses cover the topics most important to you.

Thanks for joining us and we are looking forward to teaching you how to edit video like a Film Editing Pro.

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